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School Growth Plan
Collaboration for setting school goals and developing a School Growth/Development Plan is facilitated by the School Planning Council.

School Planning Council

        Consists of:

                A teacher elected by the staff
                Three parents elected by the Parent Advisory Council


  •         Develops, monitors, and reviews school plans
  •         Maintains processes to receive input from, and report to:
  •         the parent advisory council, and
  •         the school community
  •         Provides advice to the school board about:
  •         the allocation of staff and resources in the school,
  •         matters contained in the district achievement contract relating to the school, and
  •         education services and programs in the school
  •         Does not discuss or provide advice about:
  •         personal, confidential information about students, parents, teachers or staff, or
  •         complaints about individuals or personnel matters
  •         Maintains ways to promote effective communication between the school community and the school planning council
  •         Revises school plans, if requested to do so by the school board
  • 2014/2015 School Goals include:
  •         Everyone will be Reading to Learn; Learning to Read
  •               Primary - developing Reading Skills
  •               Intermediate - improving all aspects of Writing and Reading
  •         Everyone will be Developing and Showing Personal and Social Competency
  •               Whole School (students, staff and parents) Social Responsibility – maintaining a safe, honouring, welcoming school culture.

          We will also continue a focus on the arts and connecting students to the out of doors/the environment, using these areas as a means of enhancing and putting
          in to context our literacy and social responsibility themes.

          We are excited about the new curriculum being developed and we will engage in explorations and implementation processes, guided by district committees and by
          using professional inquiry processes.




Last Modified: Oct 07, 2014