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Accessible learning on a beautiful campus
Welcome to Cedar Grove Elementary
What a great honor it is to be the Principal of such an outstanding educational community. On behalf of all of the staff at Cedar Grove I would like to extend an enthusiastic welcome to our returning families and a special welcome to those families and students who are new to the school. Students and parents can look forward to working with a highly energetic, talented, positive and caring staff dedicated to providing the highest quality of education. We believe in working as partners with parents and community to provide a positive school environment where children feel safe and secure and are encouraged to develop to their optimal academic, social and personal potential.
Barry Krangle, Principal
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CGE Staff 2017 - 18

Div. 11      K            Lorraine Radford
Div. 10     K/1 Karen Van Bemmel & Katharine Jones
Div.   9        1/2     Robert Emmerson
Div.   8        2       Robyn Valenta
Div.   7        3       Katie Hall
Div.   6        3/4     Laurie Davis
Div.   5       4/5    Sylvia Calvori
Div.   4        4/5     Peter Metcalfe
Div.   3       6       Meredith Thomson & Hilary Prince
Div.   2        6/7    Heather Shantz
Div.   1       7       Jen MacInnes


Thank you Staff, Students & Parents for such an outstanding year.
Have a safe and relaxing summer.


∙ The Kindergarten/Grade 1 teacher will purchase all school supplies. Parents will reimburse the teacher.

GRADE 1 & 2
                · ~1 package pencil crayons  
                · ~1 pencil sharpener ·
                · ~1 box wax crayons ·
                · ~1 package thin felts ·
                · ~2 Sharpie markers - one medium point, one fine point ·
                · ~30 pencils (good quality please) ·
                · ~5 large white erasers ·
                · ~1 large container of white glue ·
                · ~6 large glue sticks ·
                · ~1 pair GOOD QUALITY steel-bladed student size scissors (Fiskars) ·
                · ~2 - 1/2 lined, 1/2 plain exercise books ·
                · ~3 plain exercise books ·
                · ~1 sturdy pencil box to hold above supplies ·
                · ~1 pencil bag or case for markers & pencil crayons ·
                · ~1 pair indoor running shoes to be kept at school - to be used for gym ·
                · ~2 boxes Kleenex ·
                · ~6 duotangs - no paper needed ·
                · ~1 water bottle or 1 cup to be kept at school ·
                · ~1 pair of inexpensive headphones or earbuds to be kept at school Extra clothes in bag to be left at school for emergencies **ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES MAY BE NEEDED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR** Note: The teacher may take supplies and distribute throughout the year

GRADE 3 & 4· 24 Made in Canada or U.S. pencils *
                · ~6 white erasers (Staedtler) ·
                · ~2 boxes wax crayons (Crayola 16) ·
                · ~1 box Crayola felts (marker tip) ·
                · ~1 box Crayola felts (marker tip) ·
                · ~1 bottle white glue ·
                · ~4 large glue sticks ·
                · ~1 pair Primary scissors ·
                · ~1 stash box (20cm x 14cm) ·
                · ~1 box washable watercolour paints (Crayola) ·
                · ~8 duotangs ·
                · ~1 x (1/2 plain, 1/2 interlined) notebooks ·
                · ~2 interlined notebooks for Grade 3 and 2 blank notebooks for Grades 3 & 4 ·
                · ~1 pkg. lined paper and 1 pkg. plain paper ·
                · ~2 boxes Kleenex ·
                · ~2 black Sharpies - fine tip ·
                · ~Oil pastels (Crayola) ·
                · ~Ruler ·
                · ~1 pair of inexpensive headphones or earbuds to be kept at school ·

Grade 4/5
24 Staedler SHARPENED pencils: NO mechanical
2 red pens
2 yellow highlighters
1 pack of CRAYOLA markers (thin)
1 box of CRAYOLA crayons
1 pack of CRAYOLA pencil crayons
4 white Staedler erasers
1 metric ruler (30 cm)
1 Staedler handheld pencil sharpener with sharpenings holder
400 sheets of lined with holes paper
1 bottle of WHITE liquid glue
4 ELMERíS glue sticks
1 set of addition and subtraction flash cards
1 set of multiplication and division (up to 12) flash cards
1 protractor
Regular sized good pair of scissors
2x 2” Hilroy Plastic Binder (No fabric or zippers)
10 PLASTIC binder dividers
5 duotangs (no name written on)
1 pair of earbuds or headphones
1 deck of cards
1 hard plastic stashbox
1 regular calculator
1 box of Kleenex
USB memory stick /flash drive

GRADE 6 & 7
· 50 HB Pencils (wooden, made in Canada)
· 4 erasers (white Staedtler)
· 1. red ball point pen (not felt tipped)
· 5 pkgs. blue ball point pens (not felt tipped)
· 2 Sharpie markers (thin tipped suitable for mapping)
· Scissors - regular size, good quality
· 1 Staedtler pencil sharpener
· 1 box Crayola pencil crayons
· 1 pkg. of felt tipped pens (Crayola)
· 1 bottles of white glue 120ml· 2 large glue sticks
· 1 stash box (5”x8”x2” approx.)
· 1 wooden ruler (30cm) - good quality
· 1 ultra fine black Sharpie
· 2 2” high quality binders
· 3 pkgs. lined paper (each 400 sheets)
· 1 deck of cards· 1 pkg. graph paper (metric)
· 1 set of water colours· 3 large boxes of Kleenex
· 1 good geometry set (incl. compass + protractor)
· 1 calculator (Scientific)· 1 French dictionary
· 2 scotch tape· USB Memory Stick
· 2 pkgs. Binder Dividers
· 1 pkg 3 ring clear sheet protectors
· 2 WhiteOut
· Thesaurus
· 1 set of water colour pencil crayons
· 3 highlighters
· sticky notes
· sketchbook
· notebook
· earbuds


Cedar Grove Students Grill Local Candidates
Our grade 6's & 7's at Cedar Grove have had 3 great sessions with each of the candidates over the last few weeks. Teachers Jen MacInnes and Peter Metcalfe have had students parusing the newspapers to collect questions and make inquiries into some of the major issues unique to each of the party platforms. Both teachers have also studied some of the key terms and concepts to help their students gain an understanding of the electoral process.  Students have kept journals to document the candidate's responses and perceptions of each presentation and recorded the answers to the questions  posed.
One student asked Kim Darwin how come she was using plastic signs if she were representing a party that was all about the environment? Kim agreed and confessed she felt bad using plastic, " But you know what," she challenged the student, "after this election, I'm going to collect all the signs and write re infront of elect and recycle all them for the next election."
Mathew Wilson complimented the students on their interest and involvement in the election and challenged them to always listen to more than one side of a story.
Nicholas Simons  said, "Some of the best questions asked during this campaign about Site C, seniors care, ferries and even #IamLinda came from Cedar Grove students.
One of the highlights of our studies has been the wonderful comments from parents who are enjoying the daiy briefs and updates the kids are bringing home and sharing around the dinner table.
Cedar Grove students will join students from all over BC and vote on line on May 9th as part of the Student Vote Day in partnership with Elections BC.

A Snow White Carol.....Our Winter production....awesome pics by Chelsea Minatsis


20161029_20032_0.pngLiteracy Week….Monday, Jan 23rd - Friday, Jan. 27th
Welcome everyone to our annual Literacy week. We have some fun, exciting and wonderful literacy activities happening all week long.

       Mon Jan 23rd
        Favourite Storybook Character Dress-up Day.
        9:00 Assembly to celebrate stories
        Tues Jan 24th   
        Reading Activities over PA in the AM.
       Wed Jan 25th    
        Classroom visits….we will be having a number of former CGE Teachers in to read to classes and share their favourite stories
        Thurs Jan 26th    
        Wear a quote or an interesting fact on your back. We will get a chance to share and discuss the quotes and facts through put the day.
        Fri Jan 27th            
        8:00 -9:00 Gym….family read &  sing a-long. Join us in the gym for coffee, hot-chocolate, muffins and a nice, quiet, family read.

Research has made it clear that “in homes promoting family literacy, we see children grow up to be better readers and do better in school than children raised in homes where literacy is not promoted.” (National Center for Learning Disabilities)
Attached is a list of activities for your family to participate in during Family Literacy Week. Look over the choices and pick at least three activities from the primary or intermediate list to do during the week. If you have time to do all five then great!! Please initial the activities youíve completed together over the week (try not to complete them all in one night). Return the form to school to enter in a draw for prizes.

We hope that this will be a time for families to get together an work with their children on building their reading and writing skills and have a fun time doing it.

We look forward to exploring how we can support literacy for all our students and their families!

Primary Literacy Activities
Game Night
Set up a board game and have family members, both children and parents, involved in reading the instructions and game cards, as well as keeping score
Grocery List
Have your child write out your grocery list as you look for items the family needs. Help your child sound out the words so they can write the item on the list.
Read a Favourite Story
Choose a book (with repetition and rhyme for early readers) and take turns reading a page each or finding various sight words on the page such as the, is, they, at, now, have, with, that, etc. Discuss the story to develop vocabulary and talk about your everyday world.
Family Tree
With your children, look at family photos and create a family tree starting with your family and going as far back as grandparents on both sides. Students will learn about family members they may not have met and learn about their family history. You could also collect family photos and place them on the fridge. Your child could then write a memory for each photo.
Pick a Letter
Name things that begin with a letter of your choosing. If your child is learning letters, play a game in which they name 10 ñ 15 things that begin with the letter you chose. Do a different letter every day! This is a great way to practice letter sounds.
Intermediate Literacy Activities

Family Story
Reminisce with your children about something funny that happened at school with their teachers or what they were studying. Kids write it up as a paragraph and read it out to the school over the PA.
Plan a Trip
If you are planning a trip this year involve your children in finding the country, the starting point of your stay and where you will finish. Research the country, things to do and places to visit either by looking in books or on the internet.
Clip out stories from a newspaper and discuss. Then cut the paragraphs apart. Read each paragraph and then put them back in order. Ask your child to read you an interesting article from the paper while you prepare dinner.
TV Character
Have your child tell you about their favourite television character using different kind of words. Ask them to be more descriptive when describing the characters.
Family Cookbook
Create a family cookbook of recipes that kids can cook one night a week. Sit down as a family and talk about your favourite meals and write out the recipes with a list of ingredients and the directions.
...A Snow White Carol...Matinee Wed....12:30
A Snow White Carol

You are formally invited to attend our festive production, A Snow White Carol, on December 14th 12:30 pm. or Dec 15th 6:30 pm. Everyone has been working hard in class and with our friend Gerardo to make this year extravaganza, with a cast of 250, tons of fun.

Both shows will start exactly at 12:30 & 6:30 respectively, so don't be late.

Like any musical or theatrical production, we have a few house rules we ask you to honour:
We would really appreciate our audience to remain in their  seats until the show is over.
please turn off your cellular
please do not go in and out of the gym once our show has  started.
We are hoping the matiness will help balance our audiences.
 We are encouraging our friends and families to choose either the matinee or the evening show, we just  donít have room to nvite you to both.

Staging & Viewing ….because of the acrobatics and choreography, it would be dangerous for students to perform on a raised stage. In order to maximize vantage points, we will have a row of mats for kids, benches for the first two rows, chairs for the majority and standing room at the back of the gym and along the sides, especially for those with cameras.

Parking…..It is always a tough one at Cedar Grove. I will be sectioning off part of the parking lot behind the school for staff. If you are parking along side of the road, please be careful walking to and from CGE.

Remembrance Day 2016

Halloween Fun Fair, Monday Oct. 31st
Dear Parents and Students,

Our grade 7 leaders are excited to invite classes to our second annual Halloween Fun Fair. Consisting of homemade games, activities and challenges, the fun fair will be hosted in the gym. Parents are invited.
10:35 - 11:30           Grades K,1, 2 & 3…Div. 10, 9, 8, 7, & 6
11:30 - 11:50           Lunch in classrooms
11:50 - 12:30           Grades 4- 6….               Div.   5, 4, 3, & 2
Please know that children are welcome to wear their costumes to school, however we ask that students refrain from wearing masks that are really bloody and or scary and refrain from using weapons (guns, knives, swords etc.) as props or accessories.
A donation of $2.00 per student would be appreciated to help cover the costs of prizes and construction materials. A grade 7 student will come around Monday after morning announcements to collect.


Grade 6&7 Students take their geology studies up the Sea to Sky Gondola

CGE Turkey Trot


New Lunch Times
Beginning Monday we will be reversing our lunch hour.
11:50am - 12:15pm  Play Time
12:15pm - 12:30pm Eating Time
    12:30pm - Afternoon Instruction begins
  We are looking forward to having our students enjoy exercise and playtime first then settling into class for a quiet eating time that will lead straight into our daily silent reading time.

Open House…Meet the Teacher
Thursday, Oct 6th 6:00 pm - 7:00pm
Come and join us on Thursday , Oct 6th for our open house. Classrooms will open at 6:00 pm. so parents have an opportunity to meet your son or daughterís teacher and see the classroom space. Formal interviews and discussions regarding your son or daughterís progress will take place during our reporting period in November.
I will be calling call everyone  to the gym afterwards for an ice cream social, a few annonuncements and a fun draw.

Kicking off the Year with Spirit Day
Our First Friday Spirit Day was a blast. Our grade 7's did an amazing job building s hool spirit and leading mult-age teams through all sorts fun and challenging co-operative team challenges.

PAC INFO.......Our first PAC will be Wednesday, September 14th 7:00 in the Library
On the Agenda....Cedar Grove is lookinng for volunteers to run this years Healthy Hot Lunch Program. Please see BK if you can help us out.

This years All Star line up.

        Ab. Ed.         Sheila MacPhearson
        Special Ed              Katie Hall
        School Councillor       Emiy Davies
        Librarian               Irene Corbo
        Literacy Teacher        Frank Thorburn
        Music                   Will Razzo

K       Lorraine Radford                        
K/1     Katharine  Jones &                      
        Karen Van Bemmel
1/2     Robert Emmerson                 
2/3     Robyn Valenta                   
3       Steve Pond                              
4/5     Rachel Soepboer                 
4/5     Sylvia Calvori                                  
5/6     Gordon Tultz                                            
6/7     Peter Metcalfe
7      Jen MacInnes                    
Welcome Back 2016 Start-up Information
CGE PAC Information and Website

You can keep up to date with the school PAC at [ ]
or find us on Facebook at [ ]
You can email PAC Executive at [ ]    /Icons/0
Welcome our new K students and Families
Sept. 2016 Kindergarten  hours
Tuesday, Sept. 6th                                           11:00 - 11:45
Wednesday, Sept. 7th - Friday Sept. 9th       8:35 - 9:35
Monday Sept. 12th - Friday, Sept. 16th        8:35 - 11:35
Monday, Sept 19th.......                                      8:35 - 2:30

Cedar Grove Bell Schedule
 8:30am -  Warning Bell
 8:35am  - Instruction Begins
10:15am  - Recess Begins
10:35am  - Instruction Begins again
11:50am - Play time begins
12:15pm - Eating Time begins
12:30pm - Afternoon Instruction begins
      2:30pm - Dismissal
KIDZ CLUB Cedar Grove Afterschool Care
Sechelt Community Schools (SCS) offers affordable licensed afterschool care onsite at Cedar Grove, Monday to Friday until 5:30 pm, including Early Dismissal days. Supervisor  Deb Jackson provides arts, crafts, outdoor and indoor cooperative games, and healthy snack for our participants. Preregister for only the days each month you need care, with drop in  available if space allows, once your child is registered with the program. Low Income Ministry Subsidy is available for those who need it. The cost is $15.00 per day. For more information, contact [ ], or call 604 989-4893. Registration Packages are available at the office.

Experiential Learning Cedar Grove
Over two hundered grade 1-7 students, twelve teachers and 30 parents ventured up Grouse Mountain on September 22nd to participate in a series of workshops designed to enrich and compliment our Science, Socials and Language Arts curriculum. Prior to the field studies, students compared and contrased the biological and environmental differences between black bears, grizzlies and their role in the ecosystem. Our first hand experience at the grizzly sanctuary  up Grouse, intiated all sorts of different and more indepth inquiries which makes experiential learning so rich. Our senior students toured the massive wind turbine up Grouse and extended their studies of force, power and sustainabilty with on site comparison of Cleveland Dam.
It was an exceptional day topped off with 90 pizzas and highlighted with compliments from the Grouse Staff and ferry personal for having such courteous students.  We are all grateful for our wonderful parent volnteers who made the day possible and our outstanding PAC whose financial contribution made the learning experience affordable.


Honouring Terry
Our Terry Fox run will take place on Friday, Oct. 2nd following an assembly at 10:45
Please contact me if you are availble to be one of our spotters to halp keep our route safe.
David Roche & Marlena Blavin…Special Presentation
On Tuesday, Sept 29th  David Roche & Marlena Blavin will share a very special story with our kids. Publisher of, Love at Second Glance and Excuse me: I am Having a Bad Face Day, David will share stories of growing up with a facial disfigurement. This is an absolutely wonderful presentation that ties in so well with our discussions and goals regarding acceptance, compassion, kindness, our key words and so much more
Primaries               10:45 - 11:45 Div 10, 9, 8,7 the gym
Intermediates   12:45 - 2:00   Div 2,3,4,5....also n the gym


A note from the Cedar Grove Parent Advisory Council:

Please stay tuned to the PAC~website~and Facebook for announcements during the summer and start of the school year.  Please feel free to contact us by email with your questions. Please know we~are open~for your suggestions.
[ ]

Follow Cedar Grove PAC on facebook

We will have a PAC AGM Wednesday, September 30 at 7:00pm.  On the agenda will be nominations and election of PAC executive.  We need a Secretary and have one nominee for Treasurer. Let us know if you are interested in one of these positions.

The PAC is providing an optional opportunity for parents to purchase school supplies as part of a bulk order in advance.  Please see the details on our separate School Supplies newsletter enclosed with the report cards.

Parent Advisory Council Co-Chairs
Erin Kellie, Anneke van Swieten

About Cedar Grove Elementary School
Cedar Grove Elementary School is within the traditional territory of the Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) Nation on the Sunshine Coast, BC.  The school is located within SCRD electoral area E (Elphinstone). We are located at 1196 Chaster Road, very near Frank West Hall, Maryanne West playing field, and Cliff Mahlman Fire Hall.  Thanks to the hard work of parents and the contributions of our community, we are very proud to have an accessible children's playground on our campus as well as a full scale medicine wheel.  There are over two hundred and forty students in attendance within regular K-7 elementary classes and special district programs.   The students and staff are supported by very active and involved parents.  We all enjoy the grove of many beautiful and culturally significant red cedar trees for which the school is named.    

The Importance of Cedar

Did you know?
• Students from Cedar Grove did interpretive research and illustrations of the intertidal life found along the beach at Gower Point and, thanks to the SCRD, they have their art and research permanently installed for all to see in 4 locations along Ocean Beach Esplanade?

• Annually, the Parent Advisory Council presents a bursary to a graduating student from Elphinstone who attended Cedar Grove as an elementary school student?

• The mascot for Cedar Grove is the eagle and the school colours are gold and green?

• Cedar Grove has its own weather station.  We have an anemometer and wind vane, as well as a rain and atmospheric pressure gauge.  This wireless weather station is a complete system which measures the localized (school) weather and shows it on a digital monitor which is situated in the office window.

• Cedar Grove has Roots of Empathy and KinderSpark programs that are supported by the Roberts Creek Community School?

• Cedar Grove has a breakfast program and an after school KIdzClub supported by
parents and the Chatelech/Sechelt Community School?

• A number of students from Cedar Grove participate in organized sports in the community thanks to the support of the Sunshine Coast chapter of KidSport?

• Students from Cedar Grove participate in the Terry Fox Run, Jump Rope for Heart, support a school overseas (Mango Grove), and do other fund raising and service activities for charitable causes?

• Students from the SHINE, SHARE, Field Road programs and Cedar Grove classes grow flowers and vegetables in various garden beds throughout the campus?

• The PAC and school have collaborated to create a portable Outdoor classroom and soon there will be
some permanent structures in place to enhance outdoor learning and to provide more cover during the
rainy seasons.

• Cedar Grove participates in the B.C. School Fruit & Vegetable Nutritional program so that
students can access fresh fruit and vegetables at school each day?

• Cedar Grove Parent Advisory Committee has its own web page and facebook page.
You can keep up to date with the school PAC at
or find the PAC on Facebook at

More information about the school  can be found at:


Information about how to communicate with the school district can be found at:


Need Information about Internet Safety?

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection has created a number of new resources for educators related to cyberbullying to address the diverse and complex nature of this type of online activity. For more information on these resources, visit [ ]Kids in the Know. We encourage everyone to get involved in addressing the issue of cyberbullying and pass on information related to these valuable resources.

go to:


Need Information about Bullying?

Check out  E•R•A•S•E   Bullying



vides help with steps to help get through this.

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